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Success, mindfulness and happiness are our goals. With these powerful breathing techniques you can achieve calm and you will also be able to energize your day.  

We believe that breathing is  a powerful tool to help you in your everyday  journey of discovering the greatness of your inner self and the infinity of your soul.

Breathe In offers guided private or group classes on Zoom.   You can learn these tools and practice every day or whenever you feel that you need them.

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"I've really been enjoying taking part in the yoga breathing class taught by Paz. It's very helpful to have a leader who knows so much about Kundalini yoga. She is bright and cheerful, and she makes it, entertaining. It lifts my mood and helps me to feel both relaxed and energized."

Carla Bakutis

"I began taking breathing technique sessions with "Breathe "a few months ago. It has significantly impacted my life; mentally, emotionally, and physically. Due to holistic body awareness, my stress and anxiety levels have reduced tremendously. I love that my Instructor promotes effective communication while establishing an interpersonal relationship. She asked the right questions in efforts to understand my needs and taught me various techniques that enabled me to improve my vitality. I highly recommend "Breathe" to anyone who would like to improve their mental health or learn about modulating breathing in general.

Thank you breatheinusa"

Merisha Scott

I have been attending Paz virtual classes on Breathing Techniques since May. I feel that these techniques are making a difference in my well-being. I like the way she explains each particular technique and its benefits. She has a nice, friendly, and cheerful personality. 

Consuelo Hartman

"Paz is a patient and thoughtful teacher. She has helped me to see the value in focusing on something so (seemingly) simple, breathing! With years of experience, Paz has a learned a technique for every situation, she gives gentle advice about how to increase energy, create a sense of calm, and get to sleep easier. I highly recommend Paz and her online classes!"

Linden Joiner